Dyer & Peterson proudly announces that John K. Fiorilla, Esq. will chair the firm’s Transportation Law practice group.

Mr. Fiorilla brings a wealth of experience to the firm, and together with Mr. Peterson will provide railroad and other transportation industry clients with effective, cost-contained representation.

The firm leverages technology and creative processes to afford its clients a “big firm” experience in a boutique setting. Dyer & Peterson believes a close, interactive relationship with its clients is the keystone of effective representation.


Dyer & Peterson offers a wide scope of professional services to its railroad clients. John K. Fiorilla has acted as both in house and outside house counsel and is an experienced generalist. Contact us to discuss our framework for providing our representation through an alternative fee framework. We advocate flat fee attorney fee models, which allow the firm to offer cost effective expertise in litigation, land use, tax, regulatory, administrative, and investigative matters.


Dyer & Peterson has an eight-year history of success in litigation. John K. Fiorilla brings his experience, with an emphasis in the area of railroad related matters, to the firm. John K Fiorilla has appeared before federal courts throughout the United States and recently prevailed before the United States Court of Appeals, Seven Circuit in WISCONSIN CENT. LTD. v. TIENERGY, LLC 894 F.3d 851 (7th Cir. 2018). The firm is well-positioned to address any transportation related or railroad involved disputes, in various jurisdictions.

The firm also handles all regulatory matters including Board filings, in all stages and land use concerns.


Dyer & Peterson offers John K. Fiorilla and Gregory E. Peterson as mediators in railroad and transportation related disputes. Railroad disputes are complex and require a particular depth of background knowledge for efficient handling. Choose John K. Fiorilla and Gregory E. Peterson, both of whom have industry experience, to help you reach an amicable resolution of your case and avoid the expense and uncertainty of trail.